Matthew Johnstone
Note in Tundra

Not the arring down to moths / got between / weather see
it tuned in to the shanks / snapping lard
and / flashed among, /
bricky mirage / beards / thirsty lice /
hail / I am in no division / of origins / with you
thirsty at the lice / winter throwing up tree / contour /
confined barrage / conflux
of swamps / to a dull glare wild / cave

Note in Tundra

There is half this receding / ledges sprayed
in / surface / and persists / must what gets
apart be sustained / 
to improving empty / noise
being name / ear / I left the resurfaces of / territory away
when I saw the
/ constancy of dome coming together /
Figure in all that all my scars seem silly /
when I eat the birds / and the drought / in parts we strip
the caribou /
gristling percussive knot / proof / of vague / watch the
pigeons fall asleep / eaters / of the only pit / choired
that before the lowering / the

Note in Tundra

Kept hoods a section of forecast / loosed
/ then consumed by fugitives / I am convinced / by being
consumed by fugitives /
/ the midghosts / arrive toward / a froze swamp /
the examination is of edges / no plateau scorch blueing
through / there is no earth only /
we mean refracted / each tip of the grass
adjusted / over / there when I have / glass I among the glass. 

Someone Face Like The Sun Was On Our Porch Last Night

                                    end. Voice to it so end. Grist feral glass migraine
                                    insular nightless entire absent no years rustlick
                                    granite tore obscurant juts maul feign gnaw boy
                                    lost chalk swamps molts smut mounds mute corner
                                    spat tin lithe trails of lean tangled pith casks swarm.
                                    Nor scars pilfer choir firing slits mourn.
                                    Trite hurt bray lung slurred rabbit flask. 
                                    Collide bitten shine rawing you blank litmus
                                    cot hearse vague.
                                    Earth hound.
                                    Soap butcher.
                                    Skeleton laying on its side.
                                    Husbands beetles soviet dung tuft.
                                    Stray marl.
                                    Kitchen fat.  
                                    Caesura spleens nix you hollow apparatus custer
                                    blonde tore sunny aegean.
                                    Frisson scant precinct nick jar low figment war
                                    rotted sleep grown flit stair.
                                    Gnathic reap swerved welt bum gay fell
                                    overlay hilt series.
                                    Sobriquet jungled up animals para handless
                                    kelp flu.
                                    Auction mange cork rye bladderwrack gin
                                    mutt rail sprain mull gram peat bog.
                                    Twist rock fight surgeon nix corpse spume
                                    hook fur.
                                    Pollen chisel yaw.
                                    Architectures womb haunt.
                                    Silly match loose omnivore.
                                    Brea clot seconds of please the yellowed
                                    Till jane bread whore potato's eye into which
                                    you athlete border oil sift pork
                                    dumb scissor.
                                    Trout knot cud pack wool spittoon
                                    damp spigot of my black theatre.

About Matthew Johnstone

Matthew Johnstone is the author of Let's be close Rope to mast, you Old light (Blue & Yellow Dog Press). More writing can be found in GlitterPony, Cricket Online Review, Horse Less Review, and Fact-Simile. He is half of the creative stewardship for the arts journal 'Pider, of Tennessee, Nashville, America.