Jesse Nicholas Quebbeman-Turley
Untitled #1

Blood in the toilet.
Standing knee deep in it
With a frozen turkey in my pants. 
I keep trying to eat it
but it moves in my mouth like a tongue.
And the sun is also there.
And she touches the back of my neck
with her tongue. 

Untitled #2

I met her in the fields.
I met her in the trees and we shook hands.
Holy hands, holy pulse.
I walked out of the trees alone, choking on nothing. 
People of faith, they say, are never alone. 

King Midas


Once I went walking and all that I touched became white. Clothes, cars, skin. I went walking and touched everyone I saw, and they smiled. Then, I was an old man. And had walked my whole life, and everything and everyone was white. And I couldn't see anything. And I couldn't see anything


About Jesse Nicholas Quebbeman-Turley


Jesse Nicholas Quebbeman-Turley is a musician living in Provo, Utah. He is a co-founder of the Deseret Experimental Opera company, and a regular performer/composer in the Utah avant garde scene. He also loves kale and yams.