Justin Carter
On Basketball & Sadness

I want to write your heart is the only
truth/ oh & Lebron’s fourth quarter
collapses. I wake up & roaches
crawl across my stomach. I wake
to dancing in the garden, Laettner
sinking ten shots in the driveway. If
you could be a Berryman poem,
my father says. If Juwan Howard dies,
build a kudzu court, Phil Jackson says.
Let’s learn the incredible. Or learn
the best ways to die. I tell you I want
to break like glass fingertips. Or
I want to breathe inside Rodman’s soul,
or the sky is your body leaving.

About Justin Carter

Justin Carter is an MFA candidate at Bowling Green State University & the co-editor of Banango Street. His work appears or is forthcoming from The Bakery, The Collagist, Hobart, & other spaces. He never blogs about poetry at http://justinrcarter.tumblr.com but sometimes blogs about sports at http://poetsonsports.wordpress.com