Lion Buys a Scratch Ticket
You don't even have to prove you're 18 anymore.
You can just slide a buck into a machine and press
the button and out pops your maybe-lucky day!
Which, it was. They had a sale on zebra steaks
so we had enough cash left over for ice-cream
and a couple lotto tickets. I told him to wait,
to hold onto it until we got home, but-and here's
the shocker—he didn't. He gashed his claw
straight through the cardstock before I'd even
returned the cart. Sometimes he's got no control.
But I did mine carefully with a nickel, and won
a dollar. So he'll get to try again tomorrow.
Lion, Ice-Skating
At first they weren't going to let us onto the rink.
They said it was because they didn't have rentals
that fit lions, but we knew it was actually because
they'd never seen a man out with a lion
and there were children around, and lions are known
to sometimes eat children. I calmly told the manager
that he only attacks small children when he feels
discriminated against. Once we laced up he was fine—
not that I was worried. He didn't eat anyone, and he managed
a few jumps. I was the one who kept falling.
About Doug Paul Case
Doug Paul Case lives in Bloomington, where he's an MFA candidate at Indiana University. His lion poems are published or forthcoming in Ilk Journal, Vinyl Poetry, Metazen, and Brusque Magazine. He's probably wearing a cardigan.